Our Mission

Welcome to the home of Barbershop Sports Radio show – the most entertaining sports show on the Net!  Are you like us and feel the mainstream media often misses the mark when it comes to coverage of your favorite sport and athletes?  Our team is much more interested in hearing about the game from the perspective of the players and the fans!  However, a sports show should not just focus on the athletes.  Sports and entertainment have been tied together almost since their inception; athletes want to be movie stars and movie stars want to be athletes. As a bonus, we will not only bring you your favorite athletes, but also from your favorite celebrities that are huge sports fans! We are excited about chopping up game with the who’s who of today and we’re sure you’ll love the interviews and show format. Our show will be hosted on Blog Talk Radio’s Web site every Wednesday at 9-11 p.m .EST. Lock us in and stay tuned for some of the best sports entertainment talk on the web! Our comfortable interaction with our interviewees will make Barbershop Sports Radio something for our fans to look forward to on a weekly basis.

When  Hezzie McCaleb and Tory Johnson originally conceived the idea that would ultimately become Barbershop Sports Radio they had the drive, but were unsure of how to make it a reality.  Then, out of nowhere like lightning it hit them. Since its inception in the early 20th century the urban barbershop has been the epicenter of social interaction regardless of a person’s station in life.  For over a century all types of game has been chopped up amongst the patrons which range from politics, relationships, family, and what we’re focusing on here at Barbershop Sports Radio sporting events.  If you’ve patronized one of these barbershops then you know that  “political correctness” goes out the window and people speak their minds. Simply put, inside the barbershop you have no choice but to keep it real. Here at the Barbershop Sports Radio show keeping it real is what we’re all about!

So, what made us want to start our own radio show?  Hezzie and Tory will both let you know that the idea was born out of last year’s NFL season.  Both are avid Saints fans, and proud members of the Who Dat Nation.  They found that the media didn’t cover their team with the respect they think it deserved over its championship run in 09-10. Commentators and so-called “sports experts” covered superficial parts of the game, but rarely focused on the actual facts surrounding the game. They noticed how some players were glorified while others were ostracized in the same coverage.  In that same vein, some teams with great pasts seemed to get more respect than teams who struggled in the past, and had made moves to be successful in the present.   There was way too much sensationalism in sports coverage, so they felt it was time to address it with their own show.  So, what started with disrespect of the Saints became something much greater.

We eagerly anticipate interacting with our fans and discussing the weekly polls, current events, and of course sports talk! Barbershop Sports Radio is fan friendly because it was born from true sports fans like yourselves!  There’s no place that Hezzie, Tory, B-Ri the Sports Guy, and Bucco Bruce would rather be than chopping up game with you in the Barbershop! Sit back and relax in the barber’s seat and enjoy the ride, because with our vision, there are no ceilings!